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Paul Caligiuri: US Soccer Hall of Famer, Former US National Team Defender, LA Galaxy, Columbus Crew.

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“It was obvious from day 1 meeting Mat that he is obsessed with physical development of the soccer player. Having him on staff at Cal Poly Pomona led to a drastic increase in our players speed, power, fitness, and mental toughness. I trust Mat’s expertise that he can make any player a more complete athlete and keep them in the game longer and stronger.”

Why Soccer Strong: 

I was tired of struggling with various injuries and fed up with sub-par speed and getting pushed off the ball.  I was small, slow, weak,  so  Going into my senior year of college soccer it was time for a change.     I finally started taking strength and conditioning seriously.  Little did I know how much more effective skills are when you can actually execute them under the demands of the game.   Needless to say, I  became obsessed with the human body as it related to becoming the BEST SOCCER PLAYER POSSIBLE 



Before long I stopped getting injured and had my best season yet.  Playing the likes of , Notre DameIndiana University, UCLA, Stanford, UCONNWashington,  Cal.  Let me tell you, running by athletic defenders at that level  is not easy, but it finally became possible.   So did jumping higher and winning headers, and even being called “a great ball-winner”.  


 While pursuing  a Master’s degree in exercise science,  I traveled to various countries to train and study from top clubs, read countless books, served internships, and attended numerous seminars and classes to continue learning so I could keep evolving as an athlete and also help other aspiring athletes


Soccer Strong contains tons of information in an easy to follow format that I learned through my trials, tribulations, and adventures.   I am sharing it with anyone who wants to avoid the major HEADACHES (like injuries and riding the bench) I faced  and let their skills shine. 


Being a great athlete has never been more important in order to be a dynamic and dangerous soccer player. If you  watched the World Cup, you saw that while skills will always be #1, even the best players  like: 

Messi,Robben, Hazard, James Rodriguez,NeyMar etc. have a high levels of athleticism that allow them to display their skills under the demands of the modern game. That is what Soccer Strong is about; not just playing beautiful, but playing strong, fast, AND beautiful.


When you download Soccer Strong you get:

  • Navigation Guide: Explains how to use each aspect of the program to fit your needs as a soccer player based on your schedule, age, etc.

  • The Manual: The definitive guide to proper nutrition (what to eat to have the most energy while being at your leanest and strongest), injury prevention and recovery, speed and athleticism, mindset, and how they are all related so you have the all the tools to perform your best on a very consistent basis. This guide includes self assessments for flexibility, speed, power, and strength. After reading this easy to understand guide, you will be extremely knowledgeable and have the ability to apply the information for immediate performance gains. The segment on mindset alone will boost your performance the very next time you step on the field

  • Pitch Dominance Speed/Strength/Power Program: A 6-month program tailored for various training schedules and seasons. It incorporates speed and agility training, plyometrics, and weights with easy to follow progressions.

  • Off/Pre-Season Training and Conditioning: A 4 week sample program that you can use anytime your team takes a hiatus and you want to take all aspects of your game to a higher level.

  • Accelerated Fat Loss Guide: A simple and effective dietary and training strategy for shedding unwanted fat pounds quickly, safely, and effectively without the risk of over-training.

  • Exercise Library: How to perform various exercises properly with youtube links


***Make no mistake, access to this material will undoubtedly change your game and the way you think about your body the moment you start viewing.  Get all of this including detailed email support for any specific questions for a very reasonable 


 $39.99  Only $17.99!!! For a limited time so act now


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Other products we recommend:

2.  Coerver® Coaching:

  • (Click image to download)


Coerver tapes helped me develop my skills tremendously when I was a younger and the Coerver concepts and training exercises continue to be a staple in my own training and that of athletes I work with

  • A football skills teaching method suited for all ages (especially for players aged 5-16 years old) of all abilities including parents, coaches, and teachers
  • A Method that focuses on Individual skills development and small group play
  • Endorsed and recommended by the top federations, associations, legends/experts of the game, club teams and corporations including:
  • French Football Federation
  • Football Federation of Australia
  • Chinese Football Association
  • Japanese Football Association
  • Bayern Munich FC
  • Newcastle United FC
  • Arsenal FC

3. An Athletes’ Guide To Chronic Knee Pain by Antony Mychal (click image to download)

Athletes Guide To Knee Pain

Here just some of the features and benefits that An Athlete’s Guide to Chronic Knee Pain affords:

  • It promotes lifelong change so that there is no regression in the rehabilitation
  • It constructs athletic movement so that your knees not only get better but your foundation for athleticism is enhanced
  • It includes a safe progression of exercises with little necessary equipment so you can do the training anywhere
  • It cures chronic knee pain so you can run amok, jump around like a wildebeest, or squat like a maniac
  • It relieves you of the mental anguish of being constantly down and out because of your chronic knee pain